Never criticize a man till you have walked a mile in his shoes, that way if he gets mad, he's a mile away and bare foot. A bumper stick I saw down town.

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The March Ummm April, nope the May Update!

Yup this update is two months late and if my motivation runs out it will be even later. So this month I thought I would go over two things, Susan Boyle and G.I. Joe. read more.

Febs Update.

Ok so I said I would be updating this thing every week, yeah, little harder than I thought it would be. So this is the second real update I have done. Added a pics section, fixed a few errors, probably created a few more. Finding stuff to put on here is a bit tedious since I'm actually trying to make it more than just a dump for what ever, not sure how thats going to work out.

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2008 Review

It's the end of another year, there ticking off faster and faster as I get older. So before my memory fades any further I'm gonna go over the year that was 2008.

On a personallevel there were two significant events. First I closed out Cate Strain Cleaning LLC formerly Midnight CLeaners, a janitorial business I had owned and operated since I was 22. The second event sadly was the passing of my sister Sally Hart (Cate). In the big picture of world events there were also two things that I think mattered above all else. Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency, a huge event in his being the first African American to get the job. Not sure if this is bigger or what but the world Economy, not just the Amercian economy, took a nose dive like my generation has never seen.

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