Aprils Update and kinda Marches.... Mays Update!

Yup this update is two months late and if my motivation runs out it will be even later. So this month I thought I would go over two things with this Susan Boyle and G.I. Joe.

Yeah the G. I. Joe thing will take some explaining, Susan Boyle shouldn't though. In the world as we know it there is this shity creation called reality TV, thank you MTV, you kill the video and give us this with your Real Worlds. I know I don't have to explain it so I'm not. Most of them suck, or all of them, hell if I know I don't watch TV. My trick is to wait till a lot of people start talking about one event in particular then You Tube it. The most recent of these was a woman named Susan Boyle that appered on a British reality talant TV show with the Evil Simon Cowel (<--- Spelling? don't care!) who is one of the judges. Ok so Simon loves to run people into the ground and when this frumpy, yeah I said frumpy, 47 year old waman walked out onto the stage I, and everyone that has watched it, thought we were gonna get to hear something really rude instead this happened You Tube Susan Boyle and it was FREEKING AWSOME! Watch the vidoe I'm not saying anything else.

When I was a kid I was a G.I. Joe fanatic, I had a ton or the toys which would be worth a small fortune if I had taken care of them, alsa I didn't. The toy line was so popular that it spawned a cartoon series. Typical of it's time there was no blood, lots of knuckle sandwiches, and moral content galore. I'm not sure if the standard network cartoon has changed much, but cable has spawned what is considered to be adult cartoons that are very diffrent. Blood, gore, death, demons, and sex appears in them all. Most of these are original ideas, not to many are cross overs, but G.I.Joe has made that jump, in the form of Japanamay. This version of G.I. Joe is very diffrent from the 80s version, for startes both Maj Bludd, and Bazooka are killed, this happens right at the start so it's not much of a spoiler. People actually get hit with bullets, unlike the old cartoon when no one ever got hit, it was like the A Team tons of ammo a lot of guns and no tallent behind it all. Why they even carried them I'll never know, and thats something I was wondering when I was 10. Kinda of an off topic rant there, any how back to the new version of the Joe team. It's kinda typical Japanamay, over dramatized and too much BS dialogue, but other wise I was quite happy with what they did. It had Cobra trying to pull off some over the top attack to gain total control of the world, the Team pulling off the wildest stunts possible while dismantling the terrorist evil plan. It kept the essence of the old show while nutting it up by letting people die and actually giving you the idea you might not know how it's going to turn out. Update I didn't post this for about two weeks after I wrote it which isn't a bad thing after all, the links I had on earlier expired, I don't know were you can find it on the internet right now out side of You Tube Just do a search for G I Joe Resolute, you should be able to find some of the episodes if not all of them.

Also I added Cracked.com to my links and here is a good one for people that like sarcasm Evil Henchment that suck
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Till then later.