It's the end of another year, there ticking off faster and faster as I get older, so before my memory fades any further I'm gonna go over the year that was 2008.

On a personal level there were two significant events. First I closed out Cate Strain Cleaning LLC formerly Midnight CLeaners, a janitorial business I had owned and operated since I was 22. The second event sadly was the passing of my sister Sally Hart (Cate). In the big picture of world events there were also two things that I think mattered above all else. Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency, a huge event in his being the first African American to get the job. Not sure if this is bigger or what but the world Economy, not just the Amercian economy, took a nose dive like my generation has never seen.

In 1995 I made a desicion I'm still not sure how I feel about. I was given the opportunity to start my own janitorial business and I took it. Honestly at first I didn't think I would last six months, but I actually made it almost thirteen years before gaveing it up. The business was the focal point of my life for most of that time. I worked my ass off, lost ten years of socializing, became retardely independent also drank way too much. Though I have plenty of regrets about it I did learn quite a bit about business management, now it's on me to use that to my advantage.

I really can't think of any transition into the next subject and that is the death of my oldest sister Sally Hart (Cate). She was diagnosed with canser in 2004 and had battled it till this year when she passed away at her home in Fruitland. I wish I could say peacefully but there is nothing peacefull about the way that disease takes a person. It was tough watching my sister go through this but in the end I'm glad I was there to see her deal with it the way she did. She was very selfless about her situation and determined to fight her battle till the end. The burden she became on her family bothered her more than the chemo, operations and medication ever did. She didn't complain or feel sorry for herself. I was most impressed by the way she handled a cat scan a Saint Lukes hospital one day were the doctor showed her a picture of a tummer groing in the side of skull. I had to sit down it got to me that bad, Sally never batted an eye, she simply laid down and said Gods will was his will and that was that. further more she wasn't upset at the tummer, she was more bothered by the idea she might have somehow ruined her Granddaughter Tashas Graduation from high school. It was Tashas graduation day when she collapsed and had to be rushed to Boise were the tumor was discovered. That was in May and even though they were able to take care of the growth things didn't get any better for her. In the end she was confined to her bed, I would sit and watch the cooking channle with her when visiting, agian no complaining, no fealing sorry for herself. The last few day werer pretty rough, but between the pain and medication what would anyone expect, on October 12 she passed away. For four years she had a stare down with the Grim Reaper, in the end he got her but the son of a bitch never got the satisfaction of seeing her blink and through all this I got to see a side of Sally I didn't know exsisted and will always respect her for.

On a less personal side of things two major events in 2008 will always mark this year for me, one Barack Obama the frist African American was elected the president of the United States, second, the world Ecnomy, not just the US econmy, took a nose dive like I have only read about in history books. Barack Obama was an easy choice for me, I'm a Democrat for the most part, though I will and have voted for repulicans. Barak made it easy though by being young, charismatic and he was saying the things I wanted to hear on issue's like taxe's and job outsourcing. I was also really hopeing the country could get over this racial hurdle once and for all. Unforutnalty he is left with a mess like no other, an economic colapse that will be with us for a long time. I would really like to blame the whole fall of the econmy on George Bush, but it's not his fault any more so than it is mine. He has no control over other countries unless he cooks up some BS reason to invade and take them over.... and this is a world wide issue. He did deregulate a lot of stuff, but no one really complained when he did. People are blaming banks for offering subprime home loans to people that couldn't affored them as if these people were unaware of the fact that they couldn't afford them. No one save's money any more everyone lives pay check to paycheck. Everyone wants to get rich quick and not work for it so they take risky gambles with there and other peoples money, and a lot of the people at the top are just plain corupt that includes repulican, democrats, independents, CEO's, world leaders of all types from all nations. What I'm waiting to see now is how my generation handles it, were pretty spoiled by our own excess. 2009 will be an intresting year since there is no real quick way out of all of this. Hopefully people realize the change needs to start at the bottom with everyone handling there money more responsibly and the people at the top learn that regulation of business may be socialist but is necessary to prevent unstable growth.

That is all I really want to go into depth on, well see what 2009 holds, not going to be positive or negative just going to clean my side of the street develope this web site more and see what happens. Happy New Year to everyone that reads this I hope for the best for all of you.

Ok and last there are always lists of the past year so here is mine, it's just a list of things that cought my attention.
  1. Axel Rose finally released Chinese Democracy, the Guns and Rose's album that has been in the works for over 10 years.
  2. The Democrats got control of the country again.
  3. I paid $4.11 cents for gas in july, $66 for a fill up, holy shit that sucked.
  4. The New England Patriots went undefeated only to lose to the Giants in the suepr bowl.
  5. Worlds of War craft continued to dominate MMo's while my beloved Star Wars Galaxie's only got worse.
  6. I spent more time sober than I ever have before, and it hasn't been easy.
  7. Brett Favre left the Green Bay Packers in a very soap opera way, and is now the QB for the Jets.
  8. My brother Jeff started making more money than me, not sure how to feal about that.
  9. I have officially know Jarred/Erindyl for 10 years, this is odd because he's a guy I met playing Video game's online with and have never met in person.
  10. I finally got off my ass and started learning web design, as you can see if your reading this.