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I didn't get into football until my early 20, I wasn't into sports much before that but as my social crowd changed that changed. The people I was associtating with during that period were football fans and it was because of them that I developed an intrest in the sport. At first I was a casual fan but now I'm a pretty avid one knowing most the players on GBs roster and other details about the team and a lot of other information from around the leuge.

Shortly after I turned 20 I moved into a four plex and got into the habbit of hanging out and playing video game's at my next door neighboors. We played a lot of video games, and when football season rolled around we started playing a lot of one of the early Madan game's. At this point I didn't know a lot about the rules or strategies, which was important to calling plays so needless to say I lost most the time. At this same time the Shoe company Niky was running a commercial were a guy would excitedly explain how Reggie White would work over offensive lines and sack the QBs of other teams. At the end of the commercial he would simply scream Reggie Whites name. I got it stuck in my head, and one day when it was my turn to play I chose GB thinking of this commercial, I was up against Chef an avid Dallas fan, when I got onto the defense I cycled through the players till I found Reggie and played him. By this time I had learned enough about the game to be somewhat competative and Reggie turned out to be every bit as bad ass in the game as he was in real life. I got like my third or forth win ever and first against Chef so after that Green Bay was my team. Maybe it's not the most traditional way to become a fan but Idaho doesn't have a team so you have to pick them up how ever you can.

It took a few years before I really developed a solid desire to follow the game and GB all the time but eventually I was drawn in completely. I really liked Reggie Whites character, he was an ordained minister, I'm not that religius but I always thought that was a cool attribute for someone playing a high profile sport to have. Also Brett Favre had joined the team I'll talk more about him later, his play style did a lot to make things intresting. Football is an up and down thing as I soon learned, after GB won the super bowl Packer fans had to endure some pretty rough times. When the team got beat by Denver in Super Bowl 32 things declined bad. We made it too the play offs a # of years but it was mostly do to our division being pretty week, not us being that good, eventually we couldn't even achive that. Buy 2004 things had hit a low point but I still sat through all the games, it was like a bad addicttion. In recent years it's been better including an apperance in the NFC play off game last year, lost that, but oh well shit happens.

Yeah, Brett Favre, I don't think you'll ever see a Green Bay page thats current from now until the end of time that dosn't at least mention him. Unique is the best adjective to describe him, his play style, attitude, his person in general. In the game he was wreckless and unpredicable, capable of pulling off plays of that wouldn't even cross the minds of other QBs. His right arm is a canon that can throw a ball so fast he actually broke the fingers of recievers catching it and one unlucky Eagles safty that intercepted him. He holds many records, the most completions, the most touch downs, the most interceptions, yeah that one kinda sucks. With all that he's been the face of the Green Bay Packers for 16 years, never missing the start of a game and becoming a legend. It was a shock to everyone when he annonced his retirement in March of 2008. I guess it wasn't as much of a shock when he came out of retirement, then the soap opera started the end result of that drama was Brett Favre landing in New York with the Jets. I would be lying if I said I didn't get a lump in my throat the frist time I saw him in a Jet's jersy. I like the guy it's pro sports and that shit happens, and as long as he didn't end up in Dallas or Minasota I wasn't going to be that upset. Any way was Reggy that got me into the game and the team and he retired from the Panthers not GB after a similer but less public unretirement so it's not like I wasn't preparred for it.

So we enter a new era for this Cheese head, I don't know if I can actually call myself that since I'm not from Wisconson but any ways, this will be the first year since I started rooting for the Pack that Favre won't be the QB. Aaron Rodgeres will start the season which I'm stoked about after the way he handled himself against the Dallas Cowboys this past year, when Favre was taken out of the game after being hit in the arm on a sack. The rest of the team that took us to the NFC championship is still there, he has one hell of a reciving crew, they had the most yards after reception last year. Plus a defense that is only getting better every year. What will really count is if he can just ignor the hype and play the game and not push to hard.


This is the only thing I have at the moment, Colledge and Hall were at the Blue and Orange room at the Boise Town Square signing autographs so I went with some friends and got one of my Hats signed.

Korey Hall

Daryn Colledge

2008 Schedule

  1. 9 8 08 Vikings 24 - 19 W
  2. 9 14 08 Lions 48 - 25 W
  3. 9 21 08 Dallas 16 - 27 L
  4. 9 28 08 Tamapa Bay Bucks 24 - 27 L
  5. 10 5 08 Atlanta 24 - 27 L
  6. 10 12 08 Seahawks 27 - 17 W
  7. 10 19 08 Colts 34 - 14 W
  8. 10 26 08 Buy Week
  9. 11 2 08 Titans 16 - 19 L
  10. 11 9 08 Vike 27 - 28 L
  11. 11 16 08 Bears 37 - 3 W
  12. 11 24 08 Saints 29 - 51 L
  13. 11 30 08 Panthers 31 - 35 L
  14. 12 7 08 Texans 21 - 24 L
  15. 12 14 08 jaguars 16 - 20 L
  16. 12 22 08 Bears 17 - 20 L
  17. 12 28 08 Lions 21 - 31 W Win stand for Whewwww.. this time, that loss would have really sucked.

September 8 the Minasota Vikings, they lost, as it should be but not before the GB offense tried to run the ball backwards a few times. Everyone was worried about Aaron Rodgers, but by the end of the game I was worried about the rest of the offense. The Defense did the job though and held Adrian Peterson in check though he did get 103 yards and Tarvaris Jackson the Vikings QB did a great job of keeping there passing game in check.

September 14 TheDetroit Lions, I really feal bad for John Kitna, he's a damn good quarter back, I wonder what he did to get sent to hell. Yeah we worked them, the only thing that saved this team from completely falling apart was a 2 man effort John Kitna and Calvin Johnson. These two hooked up a few times to get the Lions back into the game, but I can't really give you the details since I had to call it a day at half time do to being sick. I did watcht he highlights were Rod Woodson picked Kitna off twice returning the second one for a TD, sweet, I love Rod.
September 21 TheDallas Cowboys, Yeah wish we could have won this one but this is a really good team and GB isn't up to there speed yet. The Packers really need to work on there tendancy to go three and out. The play calling was pretty ify and throwing to the out side doesn't get you anywhere as far as I can see, GB did a lot of this. Also Ryan Grant hasn't done a whole hell of a lot to justify his hold out this past offseason. September 28TheTampa Bay BucksOk now this is a game I wasn't sure of but I thought we had a pretty good chance to win, glad I didn't bet on it. Nothing like being beat by Chucky and friends. The thing that won this game for the Bucs was Green Bay sloppy play, the whole team looked like they had a freeking hang over. To make shit worse Rodgers left the game after a bad ass pass that resulted in a TB for GB. I have since found out that he had hurt his sholder on a earlier play.
October 5TheAtlanta FalconsI can't belive we didn't win this. The hang over from the Tampa game carried into - this one for the first qurater. We are the most penelized team in the NFL at this point and this time it cost us. The team came back strong in the second half of the game but not enough to get out of the whole they got into in the first. A feild goal that was called back do to a penalty would have left us tied and headed into over time with momentum on our side, BUT NOOOOOOOOO! Tousher had to jump sides. October 12TheSeattle SeahawksHard game to enjoy even though we won. Seattle is only of a shell of the team that went to the Supper Bowl a few years ago and in my opinion won. They don't have a thing going either way offensivly or defensivly so I'm not really going to count this as a win, more like paper work. You want to win against good teams. Rodger did prove he could play hurt though, his shoulder is sprained for still.
October 19TheIndianapolis ColtsThis is one I thought we would probably end up losing when the season started but do to the Colts not being the Colts we actually Won Easily. Wasn't even a game really so it's hard to say we achived anything but it still felt good to win. A side note this is also my brothers team so I don't have to hear him talk shit as well. November 2TheThe Tennessee TitansGoing into and coming out of this game the Titans were undefeated. We had more than a few chance's to seal up a lead but didn't capitalize on them. Three possible interception from them, one on the part of Aaron Rodgers and we were in the dog house but not out of the game. Going into over time they were gaing confidence and we couldn't stop it. The Pack did play them tough and they had to earn all but one drive in the second quarter.
November 9The Minasota Vikings I really don't want to talk about this, losing to the Vikings is honestly one of the few things I really have a hard time dealing with. You see it's like this, I watch games at the Crescent No Lawyers bar and Grill, the back room is a Vikings room. A group of purple people eater fans have cut a deal with the owner that if they get so many people in there they can have the VIkes on every week. I have taken it upon myself to go back there and piss on there parade every time the two teams have squared off. Sadly this is the first time GB has lost to Minnasota since I started doing this. I had a lot of shit to eat and I know they really enjoyed watching me squirm, but hey I took it for the most part there all good people and I have always backed off when GB was done with there team so they weren't to hard on me, and to be a good sport I sat there and let them take there shots, trust me they had it coming :)! November 16The Chicago Bears That god we beat these guys, after last years thumpings we took from them it was nice to return the beat down, and it was a beat down. I actually have a lot of love for the bears really, they have had good players and I am like most people a big fan of the 85 team, it had a lot of talent and personality. Any how this was key to keeping us in competion for our division now I can only hope that we continue like this, and don't blow it.
November 24The New Orleans Saints The year after the Hurrican Katrina distaster the Saints didn't have a chance in hell against most teams. That was also our worst year in a over a decade. We beat the shit out of them in Lambu, which at the time I felt kinda of bad about, it was like beating up on the school handicap kid. Now, I don't feal so bad about it, honestly I think we should have tried to set some records on there asses, because after this game I think it will probably be along time before GB ever dominates that team again. Drew Brees cut up our defense like it was shit while being assisted by some crappy play by the Green Bay defense. the only thing I can say is.... No theres nothing I can say it's a rotten way to spend a monday evening. November 30The Carolina Panthers After the beating we took last week I didn't have a lot of confidence going into this game. The Saints and Panthers are in the same division and the Saint are last in it while the Panthers are tied for first. Honestly I thought we might get blown out worse but the team held up well, actually dominating the second half, but like the game against Atlanta we had let them get to far ahead in the first half and with some key palys from two certified bad asses, Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith in three play with less than 1:30 to go we were done, and done for the year even if the Packers could get into the play offs it would be because the Vikings and Bears totally choked the rest of the year, not a good way too win anything.
November 7The Houston Texans Ok, damn, don't know what to say any more, I guess the secret to beating Green Bay this year is to make sure we have the lead with five or fewer minutes to play. December 14The Jacksonville Jaguars SON OF A BITCH!
December 22The Chicago Bears Yeah lost this one too. I'm actually writing this after the wild card weekend and I still have no idea what to say. December 28 TheDetroit LionsYeah we won this one and the Lions became the first team in NFL history to go 0 -16 which means I can't wine that much. I feel bad for Lions fans more than anything, everyone wants to be the one cheering and these guys can't even do that when there team is doing good because they know it won't last. Check out Kellys pic in my Mountainhome blog section. He's a Lions fan that went out and got there Logo tatooed on his chest THIS year, now thats dedication.

From theCrescent No Lawyers Bar & Grill 2008

Well it's the end of the 2008 season, I have put off this closing spot for about three weeks now. I do not know what to say, we went 6-10 lost 7 games by 4 or fewer points, all but one of the defensive coaches were fired this week and we got the 9th pick in the draft. There is always next yearbut that sucks to say, can't complain to much we still have a good team and with some better direction maybe we can make it into the play offs or the Super Bowl next year. Anyhow I'll leave this up for a while then start setting up some archives around the middle of the summer and preparing for the 2009 season when I can add some comments about the draft and free agency period. Too all who read this have a great New Year sincerely Brian/Blistermix.