Yes it's finally here, like anyone cares.

Ok so I said I would be updating this thing every week, yeah, little harder than I thought it would be. So this is the second real update I have done. Added a pics section, fixed a few errors, probably created a few more. Finding stuff to put on here is a bit tedious since I'm actually trying to make it more than just a dump for what ever, not sure how thats going to work out.

First, like I mentioned I added a pics page. If you have any pics you think are funny and I should see E mail me them or there location at I'll add them to the collection if I like them. There are only a few on there now, expanding that will be what I work on over the next week or so. Might try and make some sub catigories.

Second, I added the Ultimate 80s to my Radio links, it's actually more than that but the online radio station on it kicks ass. The arcade is nice as well, with Bureger Time, Donky Kong a game I always sucked at, Tetrus and more.

Third added an MP3 player to my Music page from Play You might recognize this from Myspace if you had one before they banned them so they wouldn't compete with there MP3 Player. This is another community site type deal, people put togeather there own audio collections and you can surf them and see what type's of music they like also a little bio informaion on them as well as pics.

I think that's about it for site modifications, here are some other things I have been sent or found over the last months. Bacon, yes it can bring a man to his knees so why not add it to your site. Also failure has never been this well documented since I was dating in high school.

Well thats it for this update, hope it was enough to keep you away from something important for a little while.