Ok so since I forgot to save all the shit I typed yesterday on this here I go again. The Counting Crow are the band that opened my mind musicly. I was pretty much a mettle only type person prior to accepting the fact that this is one of the best bands to ever walk the earth, yeah it's my opinion but eh, I have a lot of people who will agree with it. It's like this, back in the day I was one the uber cool mettle heads that had the predispossed idea that anything that wasn't heavy, hard, and evil was for the week. I remember being in Joe's club in Payette ID, Mr Jones was playing on the TV, Danny the bartender made some kinda of comment about Adam Duritz jumping around in the video for Mr. Jones, my reply was something like I don't really pay attention to that crap. Truth was I actually kinda liked the song but no self respecting long haired mettle head was going to admit that, that and I already got enough shit for admiting I liked Poison. I still love that band to and spare me the gay comment, Brett michles has slept with plenty of wemon while most of his critics die virgins. Anyways, it was this moment at Joes that I was thinking about several years later when I first herd Long December, a song that from first time I herd it, I new would always be one of my favorites, and always has been. I'll cut through all the revelation shit and just skip to the point, a year later I was listing to damn near every type of music. I had cut my hair, and was pretty much allienated from my mettle head friends for finally becoming "The pussy they always new I was". personally I think they were just jelous of the fact that I was the only one that could get a woman.

Ok, now on with the Crows, when it comes to music one thing can turn me onto any artist or group and that is the ability to capture emotion in a song. Flat out, in my world there is no band that does this than the Counting Crow. Songs like Long December, She don't want nobody near, Omaha, Mrs Potters lullaby and others do this. It's like the group doesn't have to think about what there doing to accomplish this, while other musicians sturggle there entier lives to accomplish it once. The suject material of there material is a mix of story telling and songs about emotional loss or a general somberness. They do mostly original stuff, but are not to proud to throw in covers to pay tribute to there influences, they are kinda considered part of the tie dye genera but for the most part they stand as a band with it's own identy.

At the moment one of the biggest regrets I have is not ever having seen them live in concert. I have watched plenty of there live stuff and I have never herd a bad things about there preformances. "New Amsterdam Live at Heineken Music Hall February" Is a bad ass album with Rain King and Omaha being the high lights. So yeah It's my goal to change this at all cost, well not all cost, there are some people I wouldn't be willing to kill.

I was actually and I'm still trying to get a picture of Guitarist Dave Bryson the other founding member of the Counting Crows but I can't seem to find a decent one, Plenty of Adam, who honestly in my opion isn't so photogenenic that he deserves this kinda of attention.

The bands Current line up.

  • Adam Duritz Vocals
  • Dave Bryson Guitar
  • Charlie Gillingham Keyboard
  • Dan Vickrey Guitar
  • David Immergluck Varius instruments
  • Jim Bogios Drums


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